Storage Tanks Vessels
  Pressure Vessels
  Reactors With & Without Limpet
  Agitated Vessels With & Without Limpet
  Fermentors / Innoculators
  Silos & Tote Bins
  ISO Containers for liquid
  Incinerators for Liquid Discharge / Solid Waste
  Heat Exchangers / Recuperators
  Air Heaters / Air Coolers / Hot Air Generation Units
  Spiral Heat Exchange
  Filters- Pressure Filter, Vag Filter, Strainers, Magnetic Strainers,
  Nutsche Filter, Rotary Vacuum Belt / Rotary Vacuum Drum


  Distillation Columns / Degassing Columns
  Distributors, Hold Down Plates, Tray assemblies
  Dextrination Vessel
  Quench Bath
  Air Strippers / Air Knife
  Vacuum Ejectors
  Nox Abatment Packages & Scrubbing Systems
Blenders – Ribbon / Cone / Drum
List of Equipment manufactured and maximum size handled as on date
  Tanks: Horizontal, Vertical, Atmospheric
  Max.Size: 6.3 M Dia x 9.5 Met x Thickness up to 32 MM in C.S. / S.S. / Explosion Cladded Steel / M.S. R.L./M.S.FRP-P.P.
  Vessels: Horizontal, Vertical, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Agitated, Jacketted, Limpetted, Internal Coils, etc.
  Max. Size: 2.5 M Dia, up to 75 KG / CM2-32 THK IN C.S. / S.S.
  Coils: High Pressure concentric pipe coils in all moc up to 145 KG/ CM2 and 3” N.B.SCH 160.
  Reactors : Agitated , non agitated, Hydrogenators, with Stuffing box or mechanical seals, with simple/ multiple agitators, top entry or side entry agitators, fermentors, autoclaves, Innnoculators, Dextrination Vessels.
  Max .Size: Up to 80.0KL /50.0H.P./36 KG/CM2 for stuffing box and 45 kg/ CM2 with mechanical seal.
  L.P.G.Storage Bullets and tanks :Up to 6.0Met dia x 72 Met x 36 MM
  Driers: Direct fired rotary, rotary vacuum paddle, flash, spin flash, double cone rotary vacuum, single cone rotary, spray driers, spray coolers, etc.
  Blenders : Ribbon, Paddle, Spray Mixers, cone blenders, drum blenders
  Max.Size: Up to 6 M3 Batch.
  Silos: S.S., M.S.with or without liners, powder or Granule storage, boltable, corrugated boltable for grain storage.
  Max .Size:5.0 Met dia x 13.5 met LG.x 12 MM.
  Columns: Distillation, Degassing, Scrubbing, Fractionating columns, recovery columns, strippers etc with or without internals such as bubble tray, Norton or structured packings, etc.
  Max.size:2.8 M dia x 24 Met Lg., 44 tray assemblies.
  Heat Exchangers: Condensers, gas coolers, recuperators, stacks etc. spiral heat exchangers.
  Max .size: Tube Size: 75 MM O.D, Tube sheet thk.120 MM, No. of tubes-1400, tube Length: 11.0 M, Hydrostatic pressures: 115kg / cm2.
  Incinerators: for liquid discharge, solid waste, hospital, max.size handled: Up to 15000 L.P.H. for liquid discharge, up to 560 kgs batch for solid, up to 5.9 EMT dia x 17 met height with scrubber of 2.1 met dia x 18 m height with S.S.310 internals.
  Filters :Vag filters, nutsche filters, pressure filters, agitated nutsche
  Max.size: 5.4 m dia x 8.5 met ht for vag filters, up to 22 kg / Cm2 for pressure filters, up to 6M3 for agitated nutsche filters.
  Containers: ISO containers for liquid storage, tote bins, special containers.
  Special Equipments: Blenders, Quench bath, air knife, air strippers, agitated nutsche filters; flakers (Belt / Drum) spray driers, spray coolers.
  We handle all grades of C.S, S.S., Alloy steel, Inconel, nickel, aliminium, copper, brass, M.S.R.L., M.S., - F.R.P., P.P., M.S.-Teflon, P.V.D.F.etc.
  Nox abatment packages and scrubbing systems
  Debottlenecking for capacity
  Above dimension are indicative to equipment delivered so far. Higher sizez can also be delivered.
  Materials of construction

  • C.S / B.Q / L.T.C.S / P – 9 / P -11 ETC
    * FRP
    * FRV
    * P.P
    * PVDF
    * PVC
    * UHMW
    * LEAD
Column In Assembled Condition
Fermentor for Distillery
Structural Fabrication
Structural Fabrication
Agitated Nutche Filter
Storage Silo In Stainless Steel
Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger
Agitated Nutche Filter